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Let’s go to Krakow! What to see and do during your stay with a private Krakow Guide

Things to do in Krakow Poland

Tourists rave about Krakow’s Old Town, the Jewish Quarter of Kazimierz and the salt mines at Wielicka. Visitors from the UK, Germany, France and Spain among other countries have helped to make Krakow one of Europe’s top vacation destinations. But what else do they come to see besides the most famous sites?

Things to do in Krakow Poland

Getting off the beaten path

There’s nothing wrong with visiting the picture postcard sites but getting away from the crowds can have its own rewards. Just crossing the river to the Podgorze district can be a fasincating trip. This is where you can visit two sites associated with the time of the Jewish ghetto in Krakow during the Second World War - The Square of the Heroes of the Ghetto and the Pharmacy Under the Eagle, where the pharmacist Tadeusz Pankiewicz did what he could to help the residents of the ghetto before it was brually liquidated by the Nazis. Take a walk a further to the Podgorze Main Square, a quiet and picturesque space that frames the neogothic St. Joseph’s Church. Just behind the church, the Bednarski Park, situated on an old quarry and the Krak Mound offer visitors incredible views of the city. The mound also has secrets from a pagan history to share - can you guess what they are?

We always recommend a visit to one of Krakow’s many monasteries. Peace and quiet, beautiful surroundings, sacred art and countless relics from the past can be seen in the Cysterian Abbey in Mogila, in the Karmelite monastery in the center of town or at the Benedictine monastery in Tyniec. Rich histories and incredible landscapes can be also be found in the Zwierzyniec and Salwator districts as well in the Camaldolese hermit monastery in Bielany. This part of Krakow is full of beautiful places and many exceptional buildings can be found in its backstreets and its parks. This is a place where many locals like to take a stroll but tourists are rarely seen. Leave the crowds behind you and see what the real Krakow has to offer.

Our experience in meeting and working with tourists from all over the world but especially from Italy and Spanish-speaking countries tells us that sites associated with Pope John Paull II are particularly popular. There are many such places scattered around the city and don’t be surprised when you meet a group from Argentina when you get there!

Things to do in Krakow Poland

Get out of town with a Krakow Guide!

There are an incredible number of great places to visit that are just outside of the city and make an easy day trip when you feel like you need to spend some time closer to nature. High on this list is the Ocjow National Park. This is a place of incredible natural beauty and a truly unique landscape. It centers around a stunning valley surrounded by limestone cliffs. One side raises above the ruins of a medieval castle and the other forms a high that rewards visitors with amazing views. There are also two caves to be explored so get ready to feel the microclimate and find the springs when you get there. From Ojcow, it’s a very manageable walk - or maybe bike ride? - tp Pieskowa Skala, where you can visit a lovely castle from the 16th century in the Renaissance style right next to some of the most unique rock formations you will ever see.

So much to see and do! Don’t forget that if you’re looking for ideas or advice on how to plan your visit to Krakow, you have everything in one place at Krakow Guide. See you soon in Krakow!

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