Friday, June 24, 2016

Paradise Found at Mount Sea Resort in Rosario, Cavite!

Nice Resorts Near Metro Manila for Staycations

Are you looking for a nice resort near Metro Manila? Check out Mount Sea Resort!

Mount Sea Resort located in Rosario, Cavite features the best of Philippine service and hospitality. It continues to showcase the country’s best in comfort and leisure since 1995 addressing the needs and tastes of guests from all over the world.

Nice Resorts Near Metro Manila for Staycations

The view

First thing that catches your eyes as you enter the hotel is its al fresco style foyer, viewing its Zen-inspired landscapes. You get a view of its lush gardens exuding an aura from the water cascading from its fountains.

The Fiesta del Amor pool sets a romantic and laidback feel ideal for newlyweds or a relaxing dip in the afternoon while the waterfront pool is a haven for the bonding of families and friends.

Nice Resorts Near Metro Manila for Staycations

The thrill

In for the experience of camaraderie and teamwork, officemates and colleagues can find their way to fully equipped obstacle courses and sports facilities such as the gym and playroom.

Nice Resorts Near Metro Manila for Staycations

The flavors

A gastronomic experience awaits the restaurant all day. Located at the coastal area of Cavite, the town is rich in marine produce that’s why a specialty among the offered savory dishes is seafood fresh out of water, prepared and crafted to perfection in a classic Filipino style or with a Western inspired recipe along with an Asian fusion.

Nice Resorts Near Metro Manila for Staycations

The suites

Meetings and business conventions can be properly held in one of the many function rooms. However, a personal haven just behind doors of the guest rooms offers the simplest leisure of comfort and relaxation. With improvements such as more spacious interiors and larger beds is definitely a mark genuine Filipino hospitality.

With its hotel-like facilities and amenities, combined with exceptional customer service, Mount Sea Resort is a world-class destination for a staycation outside Manila that’s only a drive away.

Tagaytay City is one of the most popular tourist destination in Cavite. It is an awesome destination near Metro Manila frequented by weekenders and city dwellers. As a famous tourist destination, it is home to a many hotels and resorts with swimming pools that you may consider if you want to spend a memorable vacation. Visit Cavite and enjoy a "cool" Tagaytay getaway!

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