Monday, May 12, 2014

Manila Pavilion Hotel’s warm hospitality goes mobile with new app

Manila Pavilion Hotel’s  warm hospitality goes mobile with new app

Manila Pavilion Hotel, a property of Waterfront Hotels is transforming the way people travel with the introduction of Waterfront’s new mobile application for iPhone and Android. This latest digital move by Waterfront offers ease of use and access to information wherever and whenever the guest wants to.

Waterfront mobile application advantages:
- Search Manila Pavilion Hotel and save time in booking room accommodation
- Access maps and directions to easily find Manila Pavilion Hotel and nearby landmarks
- Access to hotel account and profile information
- Access hotel’s latest offers and promotions
- View photo galleries and hotel highlights
- Contact Manila Pavilion Hotel in just a click

"With mobile becoming more and more important, Manila Pavilion takes advantage of modern technology to allow our valued guests experience not only warm hospitality but a portable and more personal way to engage with us," said General Manager Christopher Park.

The Waterfront mobile application for iPhone and Android are available to download free on App Store and Google play.

Manila Pavilion Hotel is part of the Waterfront chain of hotels and is located at United Nations avenue corner Ma. Orosa Street, Ermita, Manila. For inquiries and reservations, call 526-1212 or toll free # 1-800-10-WFRONT8 (9376688), or visit

KakaoTalk’s Latest Features Provide New Treat for Users

With the myriads of mobile messaging apps available in the market, it is crucial for developers to stand out by differentiating themselves from the competition. Simple, no-nonsense applications with only one defining feature struggle to appeal to the modern mobile user. In today’s technology-laden world, apps that capture the attention of mainstream audiences need to offer a full array of functions. On the other hand, the demand for constant new updates can clash with applications quest for greater innovation, particular in terms of providing an aesthetically pleasing user interface that does not feel too cluttered.

KakaoTalk’s fun and unique brand image also carries a strong reputation as a leading innovator in the mobile messaging industry. User feedback is the most prioritized aspect for Kakao, and many of its new features were developed specifically to reflect the insight and comments provided by actual users.

Brand-new functions such as the “Do Not Disturb” setting exemplifies KakaoTalk’s customer-centric mindset that also values the importance of privacy. Kakao promotes innovative connectivity, but it also understands the need for people to enjoy the occasional “Me Time.” The “Do Not Disturb” feature offers users the option to disable notifications during a customized time period without worrying about unwanted message alerts.

o To activate the Do Not Disturb feature, tap More > Settings > Do Not Disturb, or you can access this via your notification panel. Once activated, an icon will appear on your status bar to notify users of your inactivity. To disable the Do Not Disturb mode, simply turn your KakaoTalk push notifications back on with a tap.

KakaoTalk, understanding users’ need for message delivery assurance, also offers a neat feature that allows all messages to be delivered without fail, regardless of network conditions. This feature enables KakaoTalk to keep all messages sent by a user to stay afloat in the system and continuously reattempt delivery for a given length of time. So, even in situations where the network connection is unstable or weak, KakaoTalk users can send messages knowing that they will be automatically delivered as soon as the connection is stabilized, even during background mode. Once the message is delivered, the airplane icon disappears and is replaced with the ‘unread count’* number.

o Even with a busy network, your messages can still be sent and stay afloat in the network, and once your message is delivered the paper airplane icon will disappear.

The paper plane mode is a great example of Kakao’s core philosophy, which values users and user experience the most. Paper plane mode eliminates any cumbersome need for users to constantly recheck their phones for message delivery confirmation or resend the same message repeatedly, reducing user inconvenience dramatically.

Knowing how many people have read your message can be key when taking part in group chats with dozens of people, especially when it involves important announcements. KakaoTalk understands this need and ensures this information is adequately provided through the unread count number. Next to every message sent on KakaoTalk is a countdown number, which begins with the total number of users (excluding message sender) in the chatroom. As others in the chatroom read the message, the number counts down and eventually disappears altogether when everyone has read the particular message. An exclusive feature only available on KakaoTalk, the unread count number makes communication all the more effective while enabling speedier feedback.

o While talking to someone, or multiple people, countdowns are placed beside messages depending on the number of people you are chatting with. The number will decrease and eventually disappear when everyone has read your message

Users are bound to be pleasantly surprised almost every time they open KakaoTalk on their mobile devices. There is always a new gem to discover hidden within the settings that will drastically improve their mobile experience. As awesome features like the Do Not Disturb mode, paper airplane mode and the unread countdown illustrate, users can expect continued exciting innovations from KakaoTalk.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Manila Pavilion Hotel Pampers All Moms

Manila Pavilion Hotel fetes all moms on Sunday, May 11 with exquisite gustatory offerings and luxurious room packages replete with loving pampering and giveaways, to make their day extra special.

Indulge mom’s appetite with a bountiful Mother’s Day special lunch or dinner buffet at the hotel’s interactive lifestyle restaurant, Seasons CafĂ© at Php1500 nett. A complimentary cake, chocolate roses and an F&B loyalty card awaits mom who will come in four or more. Plus, she can get a chance to buy the jewelry she desires at Michelis as she can be one of the 10 lucky moms who may receive P1000 worth of gift certificate courtesy of Foreign Post. The gift certificates will be raffled off to all mothers who dined at Seasons Cafe and the winners will be sent a notification letter via email.

At the Patisserie, Manila Pavilion’s French-style pastry shop, delight moms with our afternoon bigbang blowout to enjoy 30 percent discount on all cakes and pastries when she avail of our tree tier treat offered daily from 2pm to 6pm at Php599 nett.

Express your sweetest gratitude with irresistible desserts featuring Patisserie’s cake of the month fruity custard fiesta cake, infused with sweet fruit cocktail and crumble toppings in three layer sponge cake at Php1100 nett.

Stir up your senses with a captivating blend of vodka, orange and cranberry juices by engulfing the potent drink of the month, Boulvar’s Delight at Php250 nett at the hotel’s premier sports and music bar, Boulvar.

Pamper moms with a luxuriously relaxing retreat by booking with Manila Pavilion’s room packages starting at Php3600 nett. Soothe her senses with our Soothing Pleasures and Summer Rush room packages offered until May 31.

For inquiries and reservations, call (632) 526 1212 extension 2408 for food and beverage and toll free # 1-800-10-WFRONT8 (937 6688) for room bookings, or visit