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Smooth Road Travel Begins with Safety, says Total

Smooth road travel begins with safety

Total (Philippines) Corporation recognizes that as it is already Summer and specially that Holy Week is fast approaching, it would be good to remind travelers some road safety tips. Here are some important roadside safety tips that should come handy any time.

Smooth road travel begins with safety

With bags now packed, accommodations booked, and travel itineraries set, the next important thing to keep in mind in preparation for the Holy Week is ensuring we and our vehicles are road-worthy.

“We get so excited when we go out of town with friends and family, that sometimes we miss out on preparing ourselves for long hours on the road,” says Malou Espina, Vice President for Marketing and Communications, Total (Philippines) Corporation. “At Total, we believe that being safe makes for smooth and fun travel. It is important to be road-safe, whatever season.”

Proper vehicle preparations before the trip

Check your vehicle. Before hitting the road, ensure the vehicle is in excellent condition. Make sure that the engine, battery, windshield wipers, and lights are properly functioning. Tires should have the proper pressure, and keep in mind to bring spare tires and a jack.

Fuel Change. Since provincial trips are typically long, check if the car is due for an engine oil change. Ensure that the vehicle is properly filled with power steering fluid, brake fluid, and transmission fluid, to avoid taking unnecessary stops.

Water. Test the air conditioning of the car, if it is not as cool as it should be, replace the coolant so everyone could enjoy a cool drive. Given the hot weather, bring water as well to prevent the engine’s radiator from overheating.

Emergency kits. Bringing a car emergency kit will come in handy if unforeseen circumstances take place. An emergency kit should at the very least include flashlight, early warning devices such as cones or warning triangles, and jumper cables.

The day of the trip

Rest. Remember to have a good night’s sleep before the day of the trip to avoid fatigue, stay more alert and focused on the road. First thing to be done in the morning is to fill the vehicle’s gas tank.

Map the route and stock up. Rest stops should be mapped strategically, which could be done at Total service stations. Maximize the stops by stocking up on snacks, and adding more fuel to the vehicle being used when the need arises. Rest stops are perfect opportunities as well to switch drivers, if needed. And, at selected Total stations during the Holy Week travel period, you can avail of basic safety checks and emergency roadside assistance services from Suzuki and Nissan.

Stick by the rules. When already on the road, basic driving rules should be kept in mind at all times. Follow all traffic rules and regulations, such as following traffic lights and driving within the proper speed limit per area. Wear a seatbelt.

Drive defensively. Be a defensive driver and maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, especially when in freeways. Utilize turn signals when making a turn, changing lanes or going to a full stop.

Total (Philippines) is committed to road safety through programs with its lorry drivers (Super Tsuper), the general public (Drive City) and children (Road Champ).

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