Friday, December 27, 2013

Travel News: Skyscanner Bloscars 2014

The Bloscars Travel Award 2014 is an award given by Skyscanner to travel blogs from selected countries in Europe and Asia. It recognizes the excellent work of travel bloggers in informing and inspiring travelers by sharing their adventures and first-hand experience.

The competition will consist of three stages:
  1. The nomination period
  2. The voting and selection of the Best Travel Blogs from each participating country
  3. The selection of the international winner


Nominating your favorite travel blog is simple.
  • Simply place in the URL of the blog in the form hosted in the Skyscanner news site (
  • If you are a travel blogger yourself and thinks that your blog deserves to be nominated, you may do so.

Nomination period will run from December 16th until December 31st. Skyscanner will then shortlist the nominees according to Skyscanner's visual and content quality criteria. The final nominees for the Best Travel Blog of the Year will then be announced on January 27th.

Let’s vote and throw our support to our favorite bloggers

Voting will start as soon as Skyscanner has announced the final nominees for the Best Travel Blog of the Year, so cast your votes wisely and support your favorite travel blogger!

You can cast one vote weekly and support more than one travel blog as well. Each travel blogger will have a profile page showcasing their work in Skyscanner, so that you can choose wisely. Remember that whoever wins the award will represent your country to compete for the International Bloscars Award!

Vote and tell us your best travel advice… and win a prize!

Got a useful travel tip that you want to share to the world? Tell us now for a chance to win free flights worth Php18,000!

What is at stake for the winners?

The winners for the Best Travel Blog from each participating country will each receive Php50,000 worth of flights. They will also be invited in to the Skyscanner regional headquarters in Singapore for the awarding. The international winner will receive Php145,000 worth of free flights.

NOTE: This is a press release.

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