Sunday, December 8, 2013

Homestay in Batanes: Marfel's Lodge

Bedroom for 1,000 pesos per night

Where to stay in Basco, Batanes? Checkout Marfel's Lodge!

Spacious living room

A great way to experience the genuine Ivatan hospitality when visiting Batanes is to stay in the many home stay facilities in Basco.


Marfel's Lodge is one of the newest homestay facilities in Basco, Batanes. Owned and managed by a local resident Felomena Fitero, it is a 2-story house located just a few meters away or an easy 5-minute walk from the airport.

Dining Area


The 2-story house has 2 bedrooms at the 2nd floor which could accommodate up to 3 persons per room. Each bedroom has 1 queen-size and one single-sized beds. Other amenities include a common toilet and bath, a small living room and a terrace at the 2nd floor, a kitchen, living room and dining area at the 1st floor. Television set, refrigerator, cooking set, dining utensils and WIFI connection are also available.


ROOM RATES (as of May 2013)

  • Air-conditioned Room: 1,000 pesos per night (good for 3 persons)
  • Fan Room: 700 pesos per night (good for 3 persons)

The rooms at the 2nd floor

Marfel's Lodge is definitely an ideal budget accommodation in Batanes!

Marfel's Lodge

Operator: Felomena Fitero (Ate Fe)
Address: Basco Batanes
Mobile Number: 0908-8931475

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