Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Things To Do in Sagada

Sagada is located in Mountain Province, it is a haven for tourists, travelers and backpackers wanting to relax, unwind and stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here are some of the Things To Do and experience in Sagada!

1. Take a look at Sugong Hanging Coffins
2. Visit Lumiang Burial Caves
3. Appreciate the Beauty of Kapay-aw Rice Terraces
4. Spelunking at Sumaguing and Luminag Caves
5. Climb Mt. Ampacao
6. Zip lining over Kapay-aw Rice Terraces
7. Visit St. Mary the Virgin Episcopal Church
8. Trek to Echo Valley
9. See the Hanging coffins up close
10. Take a tour at the Ganduyan Museum
11. Savor on the Flavors of Sagada (Dont miss: Salt and Pepper Diner, Yoghurt House, Sagada Lemon Pie House, Log Cabin and Vincent's Coffee and Grill)
12. Marvel at the beauty of Marlboro Country and catch a glimpse of the wild horses
13. Trek and swim at the cool waters of Bomod-ok Falls (Big Falls)
14. Trek to Lake Danum
15. Visit the Sagada Pottery House
16. Sunrise viewing at Kiltepan Viewpoint
17. Trek and swim at Pongas Falls
18. Visit Sagada Weaving
19. Try Sagada coffee
20. Pass by Fidelisan Rice Fields on your way to Bomod-ok Falls
21. Visit the Cemetery and Calvary Hill at the town center
22. Orange picking at The Rock Inn and Cafe
23. Bike to Besao and witness the sunset
24. Cultural Immersion - Sagada Grand Bonfire Festival (Panag-apoy Festival)
25. Walk around town, visit the market especially on a Saturday (market day) and buy pasalubong

How to Get to Sagada, Mountain Province

Via Manila-Baguio-Sagada: From Manila, take a bus bound for Baguio. Travel time from Manila to Baguio is about 6 hours and fare is around 400 pesos. Upon arrival in Baguio City, go to Dangwa Bus Terminal and look for the Lizardo bus bound for Sagada. Normally, the earliest trip is at 5:00 am and the last one is at 1:00 pm. Travel time from Baguio to Sagada is about 5 to 6 hours and fare is around 220 pesos.

There are still a lot of things to do and experience in Sagada. Add it on the list by leaving a comment below!

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