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Things To Do in Kalibo, Aklan

Home to one of the most extravagant fiestas in the Philippines, Ati-atihan Festival, Kalibo is the capital of the province of Aklan. Considered as one of the oldest towns in the country, Kalibo is a melting pot and transit hub of the province of Aklan. With one of the busiest airports in the country (Kalibo International Airport), it is the usual gateway to the world-famous beach of Boracay island which is just 2 hours away from Kalibo.

If you're planning a trip to Kalibo, here are some of the Things to do in (and near) Kalibo, Aklan.

  1. Pay homage to the Senyor Santo Niño by visiting Kalibo Cathedral also known as the Parish of Saint John the Baptist in downtown Kalibo.
  2. Learn more about Aklan's history and vibrant past by visiting Museo it Akean, a repository of the town's history and heritage. Several artifacts and memorabilia are on display in the museum.
  3. Take a leisurely but adventurous walk in the lush Mangrove forest at Kalibo's Bakhawan Eco Park. It is considered as the Philippines' most successful mangrove reforestation project.
  4. If you happen to visit Kalibo in the month January, experience and join the fervor, warmth and the fun celebration of Ati-atihan Festival, one of the most extravagant fiestas in the Philippines! This is certainly one of the best festivals in the country.
  5. Experience Christmas all-year long at Sampaguita Gardens located in Rizal Street, Poblacion, New Washington, Aklan - approximately 15 minutes away from the Kalibo Airport.
  6. Bask in the sand, swim and enjoy in Jawili Beach in the town of Tangalan.
  7. Swim and enjoy at the cool waters of Jawili Fall, also in Tangalan.
  8. Visit the century-old Tangalan Church, one of the oldest churches in the region.
  9. Visit the cottage industry of Piña or Pineapple fiber production. Bring home some as souvenirs.
  10. Trek to Tigayon Hill and cave.
  11. Visit the Freedom Shrine, a monument built to signify the heroic stand of Aklanons during the World War II.
  12. Go on a food trip at the different dining places and restaurants in Kalibo.
  13. Before going home, buy Aklanon pasalubong and souvenirs such as woven piña/abaca/raffia fabrics, tablewares, fashion accessories, clay-based items, abaca fibers and crafts, coco-based products, and processed foods at the OTOP and Pasalubong Center located at the Pre-Departure Area of the Kalibo Airport.

How to Get to Kalibo, Aklan

The fastest way to reach Kalibo is via a direct flight from Manila. Philippine Airlines / PAL Express, Cebu Pacific, Tiger Air Philippines and Air Asia Zest have have several flights daily to Kalibo from Manila and other parts of the country. You may also fly to Caticlan if you wish to visit Boracay first then just take a 2-hour trip by bus or van to Kalibo.

TRAVEL TIP: Airfares tend to shoot up during Ati-atihan Festival season, your next best option (if you're on budget) is to fly-in via Roxas City or Iloilo City, which would take about 2 and 4 hours by van or bus to Kalibo, respectively.

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